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All of the projects listed below are rooted in meeting the needs of those around us. Needs-Based Research focuses on addressing gaps in populations and developing a plan or recommendations for solving problems. 

Principle Investigator

As the University System of Georgia moves to incorporate information literacy into the curriculum, this project examines how three different research courses will address information literacy in the classroom. The courses (Biology, Chemistry, and Rural Community Development) provide detailed descriptions and examples of how the ACRL frame Research as Inquiry is met in the class. The librarian working with this project is seen as the information literacy expert and the teaching faculty is seen as the context expert. 


Cultural Heritage 


Cultural heritage is important for all of us. So many stories in history are only told by the winners. Research in cultural heritage allows us to see beyond the stories of the winners. It allows us to see the truth, which is the most important story of all.

Children in Library

The Librarian and Students with Physical Disabilities


Description coming soon. 

Student Looking at Building
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